Surreal L.A. Podcast Episode #7: Occupy L.A., Anonymous, Smiley and West

Anonymous at Occupy LA

Don’t miss this boiling pot of hot political debate and bonus words of wisdom from Smiley and West’s Poverty Tour. Shanon & Valley Girl spend a day at Occupy LA where they run into members of Anonymous and ask the million dollar question: “What can the 99% do to take back the wealth and power from the 1%?” The answers may surprise you. Just another day in Surreal L.A.


What the Occupy Movement Needs to Succeed

Photo via OccupyLA on Flikr

Valley Girl and I spent some time at Occupy LA’s tent city in front of City Hall over the weekend. I’m not going to lie to you. I have serious doubts about whether or not this movement will ever effect any sort of meaningful political or, more importantly, economic change without making some serious changes.

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The Protest Signs of Occupy L.A.


Occupy L.A. protesters have staked their claim on Los Angeles City Hall, littering the lawn and sidewalk with tents, sleeping bags and blankets – at least until December. Surreal L.A. spent time with the protesters this past weekend and witnessed a large crowd of mixed-bag Americans, each standing for something…but what, exactly?

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Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread to Los Angeles this Weekend


The wildfire of (peaceful) civil unrest fueled by the increasing wealth disparity in the U.S.  has spread across the nation, all the way to the West Coast. You could say that we didn’t start the fire, but for the millions of Americans who have fallen into poverty over the last three years — it’s been burning too hot for too long.

Occupy LA, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, will be occupying downtown Los Angeles starting this Saturday, October 1st, to protest the financial institutions responsible for the current Great Recession. And it’s about time.

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