Photos: Venice Homeless Man Romances Mannequin

Homeless Casanova Gets Friendly with American Appearel Plastic Siren

Last summer, A.W.O.L. and I were meandering around the Venice Beach Boardwalk, like we do, when we came across a scene too bizarre for even Venice Beach: A bleary-eyed homeless Casanova cozied up to a plastic American Apparel siren (not played by Kim Cattrall.) Yes, I know, after writing that down it actually seems pretty normal for men in this town to cozy up to plastic things. But I’m hoping this photo is worth more than a 12 word description:

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Surreal L.A. Podcast #5: Hollywood Boulevard, Unemployment, Homeless Teens & “Friday”

Venice Homeless Smile Sign

Shanon & Valley Girl join the unemployed masses and seek solace on Hollywood Boulevard, aka the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” where they meet homeless and pregnant teen, Venice, talk to Green Lantern and other costumed folk, and learn important lessons from the movie “Friday.” Keep it surreal, L.A.!

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Surreal L.A. Podcast #3: Crazy Cat People, Car Chases and Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish

The Valley Girl drags Shanon into the weird claws of a Cat Show. They witness a Tarantino-esque car chase on their way to the Inglewood diner Pann’s — and discuss some of Los Angeles’ homeless celebrities, mental illness and their plans to find Clive Barker at the Magic Castle. That’s right, we like to keep it Surreal, L.A.!

Surreal L.A. Podcast #3: Crazy Cat People, Car Chases & Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish


Strange Days in the City: No One Gets Out of Here Alive

The iconic Morrison Mural in Venice, CA

Hello, my pretty pretties and welcome to my column “Strange Days” — where I promise to update you every Wednesday about my stranger days in this city of weird, misshapen angels.

Obviously the title of this column is borrowed by The Doors I.P. “Strange Days.” Jim Morrison was one of those few souls who seemed totally at ease with his own strangeness. In fact, he celebrated it and embraced the surrealism within him — and around him. And isn’t that what this blog is all about? Finding some kind of rusty beauty and truth in scenes like this:

In the spirit of the Lizard King, I’d like to share some of my anecdotes from my first night as an Angelino. So, grab your morning cup of Joe, update your Facebook status, sit back in your swivel chair, and get ready to ride the snake all the way into Surreal L.A.

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Venice Beach Streets are Paved with…BOOBS?


Hundreds descended upon the begrimed Venice Beach boardwalk to bare their breasts (or simply gawk at odd, pasty-covered nipples) on Saturday, August 21. Organized by, National Go Topless Day is a celebration of equal gender rights…or is it? Fact is, is widely panned as an international conspiracy, a subliminal recruitment tool for the Raelian Movement.

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Cain Motter’s Demonology and the Art of Debt

In the Mouth of Debt Madness

When artist and activist Cain Motter looks at a credit card, he doesn’t see a shopping spree on Melrose or a lost weekend in Vegas. He sees the face of a demon.

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Surreal L.A. Podcast #1 : Nearly Nudist Cults and Venice Beach Mayhem

Join Shanon, Valley Girl & A.W.O.L. as they discuss the Raelian Movement, National Go Topless Day, Venice Beach craziness and anarchistic artists. Just another day in Surreal L.A. …





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