Surreal L.A. Podcast #5: Hollywood Boulevard, Unemployment, Homeless Teens & “Friday”

Venice Homeless Smile Sign

Shanon & Valley Girl join the unemployed masses and seek solace on Hollywood Boulevard, aka the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” where they meet homeless and pregnant teen, Venice, talk to Green Lantern and other costumed folk, and learn important lessons from the movie “Friday.” Keep it surreal, L.A.!

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Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread to Los Angeles this Weekend


The wildfire of (peaceful) civil unrest fueled by the increasing wealth disparity in the U.S.  has spread across the nation, all the way to the West Coast. You could say that we didn’t start the fire, but for the millions of Americans who have fallen into poverty over the last three years — it’s been burning too hot for too long.

Occupy LA, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, will be occupying downtown Los Angeles starting this Saturday, October 1st, to protest the financial institutions responsible for the current Great Recession. And it’s about time.

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Burning Down the . . . Bank


Painting of a Chase branch on fire: $25,000 on eBay.

Being investigated for your paintings by the LAPD, twice: Fucking Priceless.

Surreal L.A. would like to give it up for Alex Schaefer, this month’s anarchic artist.

This painting, part of Schaefer's "Disaster Capitalism" series, went for $25,000 on eBay. Something tells me that Scheafer won't be making that deposit at Chase.

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Cain Motter’s Demonology and the Art of Debt

In the Mouth of Debt Madness

When artist and activist Cain Motter looks at a credit card, he doesn’t see a shopping spree on Melrose or a lost weekend in Vegas. He sees the face of a demon.

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