EXTRA! EXTRA! Disney Star Gets Crazy With Kittens

Orlando Brown on the Cover of The Pet Press

“That’s so Raven” star Orlando Brown makes his best “put the lotion in the basket” face on the cover of the free Los Angeles circular The Pet Press.

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Surreal L.A. Podcast #3: Crazy Cat People, Car Chases and Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish

The Valley Girl drags Shanon into the weird claws of a Cat Show. They witness a Tarantino-esque car chase on their way to the Inglewood diner Pann’s — and discuss some of Los Angeles’ homeless celebrities, mental illness and their plans to find Clive Barker at the Magic Castle. That’s right, we like to keep it Surreal, L.A.!

Surreal L.A. Podcast #3: Crazy Cat People, Car Chases & Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish


Have YOU Seen the Quween?

Quween on the Scene in her "Funny or Die" commercial

Any connoisseur of celebrity blogs and paparazzi-approved YouTube channels is probably familiar with her. She reigned the streets of Beverly Hills, Calif. circa 2009 – 2010. As a ruler, she was as “of the people” as they come: her throne was a lawn chair, her crown a humble scarf, her glass slippers a pair of worn sneakers. In a city deficient of superheros, Quween was a rare find.

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Venice Beach Streets are Paved with…BOOBS?


Hundreds descended upon the begrimed Venice Beach boardwalk to bare their breasts (or simply gawk at odd, pasty-covered nipples) on Saturday, August 21. Organized by GoTopless.org, National Go Topless Day is a celebration of equal gender rights…or is it? Fact is, GoTopless.org is widely panned as an international conspiracy, a subliminal recruitment tool for the Raelian Movement.

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The Ballad of L.A.’s Withered Flowers


This is Zipporah. She’s rich, loves life, has traveled the world — and is certain she will be famous some day. Oh, and she thinks you’re cute and wants to know all about your heritage.


Why? . . . Why are you asking? You’re in Surreal LA.


In a city so preoccupied with beauty and youth, Los Angeles is home to a small army of eccentric older ladies whose eyes still sparkle with a young starlet’s dreams of fame, fortune and love.


If you’ve spent anytime roaming the streets of Hollywood proper or Beverly Hills, you’ve seen them: older women in their sixties and seventies dressed to the nines in all kinds of theatrical assembles begging for your attention. I’ve seen eighty year-old pink-haired old punks standing in line for band auditions, a wheelchair-bound Cinderella buying Depends in a CVS — and a grandmother wearing an ornate feathered mask in a Ralph’s.


Some people call them crazy. I’d like to think of them as withered flowers.


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