Van Nuys Porn Studio Builds Underground Bunker for 2012 Apocalypse


Leave it to a San Fernando Valley porn studio to figure out a way to ride out the cumming 2012 Mayan apocalypse in style. Van Nuys porn production company Pink Visual is undertaking the construction of an apocalypse-proof humpin’, bumpin’ subterranean booty bunker.

Yes. We know you wanna piece.

Check out the full story to view the construction plans.

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Surreal Skies Over California!


Did anyone notice the UFO flying just outside of Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday night?

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Venice Beach Streets are Paved with…BOOBS?


Hundreds descended upon the begrimed Venice Beach boardwalk to bare their breasts (or simply gawk at odd, pasty-covered nipples) on Saturday, August 21. Organized by, National Go Topless Day is a celebration of equal gender rights…or is it? Fact is, is widely panned as an international conspiracy, a subliminal recruitment tool for the Raelian Movement.

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