The Protest Signs of Occupy L.A.

Occupy L.A. protesters have staked their claim on Los Angeles City Hall, littering the lawn and sidewalk with tents, sleeping bags and blankets – at least until December. Surreal L.A. spent time with the protesters this past weekend and witnessed a large crowd of mixed-bag Americans, each standing for something…but what, exactly?

We saw some calling for an end to the Federal Reserve, pro-union protesters, peace-loving hippie protesters, protesters dancing and singing in Spanish, and many in “V for Vendetta” masks. The overall sentiment of Occupy L.A. is that they are standing for the underrepresented 99% of the world’s population and are using their unified voices to be heard and, ultimately, make the wealthy 1% pay their fair share. They point their collective finger in the direction of Wall Street as if to say: “we didn’t start the fire…”

But instead of trying to explain the ideals and demands of those showing support for the cause in Los Angeles, we’ll let their protest signs speak for themselves:


  1. Marianne says:

    Awesome. Can wait for Monday, we take to the streets in Detroit.

  2. Marianne says:

    I meant can’t wait! Obviously typing faster than I should before posting!

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