Surreal L.A. Podcast Episode #7: Occupy L.A., Anonymous, Smiley and West

Don’t miss this boiling pot of hot political debate and bonus words of wisdom from Smiley and West’s Poverty Tour. Shanon & Valley Girl spend a day at Occupy LA where they run into members of Anonymous and ask the million dollar question: “What can the 99% do to take back the wealth and power from the 1%?” The answers may surprise you. Just another day in Surreal L.A.



  1. Ellen Trimarco says:

    Really interesting show, gals, thank you! I agree with you both that now is the time to do something and to voice our discontent at the growing wealth gap. Having visited and slept out at the Occupy Wall Street, I have to say that I do think that “just camping out” is a really wonderful and powerful phenomena. Just the overnight presence of hundreds of people each and every night and the dedication that shows has sparked the imaginations of millions of people around the world and begun a discussion on what we can do. They have created a living free space for ideas and lively discussions to begin to marinate through the voices of an extremely diverse and thoughtful group of people from all over! It starts with the human mic, where anyone can declare a “mic check” and spreads out from there to dinner table banter and news reports! I’m extremely thrilled and glad to hear from your side of the U.S., what’s going on in L.A. The Utopians are just a hand full in the Occupy United, but there are union members, teachers, lawyers, librarians, scientists, landscape architects, moms, children, dogs and all kinds there! Keep up the wonderful work you two! Looking forward to next week!

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