PHOTOS: Top 5 Weirdest Things at the Brewery ArtWalk


The Brewery ArtWalk in downtown Los Angeles is a twice annual event where the artists and revolutionaries inhabiting the largest art complex in the world graciously open their doors for us regular folk to gawk at their emotionally transparent wares (and hopefully help pay their rent). The Fall artwalk ends today, October 2, at 6pm, but if you want a taste of the strangest, weirdest and most out-there offerings, Surreal L.A. is here for you:

Top 5 Weirdest Things I saw at the Brewery ArtWalk


1. Church of Art

Like any semi-functional North American settlers, the Brewery residents have created their own place of worship. Here, there is no fire and brimstone sermons, no collection plate passed, no Holy Ghost shouting. You may, however, find a man on a stage surrounded by an odd assortment of horns, including one that extends proudly like an elephant’s trunk. And an artist (natch) paints his latest creation to the side of the stage as the spirit moves him.


2. Let’s Play Dead


Just in time for Halloween, the Let’s Play Dead studio offers, um, artistic creations that seem to come from the nightmarish bedroom of a budding toddler-aged serial killer. No photos allowed here folks.


3. Dustin Rabbitt’s Dead Animal Art

Dustin Rabbitt is a vegan who does not believe in killing anything. A very zen koi pond and organic garden take residence in his front yard. His studio has two homemade aviaries: one for his collection of lovebirds, the other for his doves and quails. His artwork, however, is primarily made of the carcasses of dead animals. Dustin’s father is a hunter, you see, and he doesn’t believe in letting anything go to waste.



4. Fat Man and His Companion, Pete the Pod

Everyone probably knows a guy like this: he parks on the couch, downs donuts and other crap food, hogs the remote, favors waddling around in dirty boxers. West Eleven gets it, so they made him into a pretty humorous piece of art and even offer a blank book for passersby to write their own “Fat Man” stories.








5. The Cat Tied Up in Malcolm Stuart’s Colorful Studio

Malcolm Stuart’s studio is like the late ’80s neon fad exploded onto a bunch of shoes, shirts, and odd assortment of other things — like a stuffed, fabric man. But the oddest thing about perusing his wares was the pet cat napping on a Malcolm Stuart original chaise lounge, tied to a huge wooden block with a neon green leash.


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