HERO MAN is Here to Save the Day and L.A.

It’s a ghetto bird. No, it’s a plume of smog. No, it’s HERO MAN: Los Angeles’ latest real-life super hero. No, we are not fucking kidding. Hero Man just launched his own website and wants you to contact him if you need some super help.

"Tonight's another night, I'll be out there again like always, hunting for scofflaws and troublemakers." – Hero Man

Hero Man (I know, the name could be better) is the buff alter ego of L.A. denizen David Filmore. Filmore decided to take to the cape, after having his apartment broken into, his laptop stolen and watching the law enforcement fail to bring him justice.

Filmore took a cue from the Dude and drew a line in the sand. So, he grabbed his light saber, threw on his cape and vowed that he wouldn’t let another Angelino be victimized by such shenanigans ever again.

That laptop must have really tied the room together.

Filmore told the SF Gate that in the midst of the current state and city budget crises, Los Angeles could use a hand:

“To be blunt, L.A. is in a budget crisis right now and people are hurting as a result. The police can’t be everywhere at once, so it’s only logical that well-meaning people try to help fill that need in our community.” Filmore added a precaution “I’m not recommending other people take this action, it is extremely dangerous. But on the other hand it is the right thing to do. The police should deputize me.”

In response, LAPD Officer Wong had this to say to Hero Man and any other would-be super heroes, “This activity isn’t illegal, but I would strongly discourage anyone from trying be a superhero. Life isn’t a movie, and chances are the police will end up having to rescue HERO MAN from a situation he wasn’t prepared for.”

Well, sometimes life becomes a movie, especially when you’re wearing a cape. Currently, Filmore is the subject of a documentary movie entitled “HERO MAN.”

Now L.A. needs to cast a spandex-clad Super Villain to rival our new hero. Any takers?

Watch this video of Hero Man cruisin’ in his Hero Mobile (complete with laser), bringing peace, justice and the Angelino way to Los Angeles County:

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